Our Approach

Is driven by objectives and key results.

To clearly communicate and measure short and long-term goals for any startup or minimum viable product.

01. We identify and solve problems

02. We are thinkers and creators

03. We give you digital solutions

This approach ensures that your startup stays focused, sets goals and makes the process measurable in order to get the most out of the product or service that is being launched.


Collect information, map out business goals, define your target audience, collect and organize functionality, design the flows and processes.

We have to create the strategy behind the project first. We need to set goals, a project scope and collect all information that will be necessary during the project. Also, before we jump in and design the interface, we have to plot out and design the users’ journey. We also determine the way the users will interact with the product. The goal of the Plan phase is to lay solid foundations for the project.

Collect Data User Centered Business Canvas User Personas Design Brief User and Design Flows


Collect information about the users with UX research. Validate your hypotheses, discover the real user needs.

In the discovery phase we may not know a lot about the users and at this point we might still have a lot of assumptions about the product. This is where we need to apply UX research and analytics to collect more data and validate our core assumptions.

User Interviews Observation Card Sorting Analytics Collect User Feedback


Sketch the first wireframes. Experiment with different ideas to solve the problems and serve the users. Focus on the big picture.

Once you see the problems and needs, you can start to think about possible solutions. The Explore phase is really about experimenting with different approaches and sketching the first ideas from a high-level perspective. This is where we apply sketching and lo-fidelity prototyping to quickly materialize our ideas.

Paper Sketches Paper Prototypes Lo-Fidelity Prototypes


Create detailed digital wireframes. Design the information architecture and the core of the product. Create wireframe prototypes and test them.

After we’ve designed the foundations and core structure for the product, we can move forward by breaking down the design and create digital wireframes and prototypes. Refine the information architecture of the screen, focus on the copy, layout, and interactions. We will use wireframes and digital prototypes to design and test these.

Digital Wireframes Wireframe Prototypes Design Review


Validate the designs with usability tests, click tests and five-second tests. Do A/B testing and iterate the designs to get the best results.

We have to validate our design decisions before implementing them in development. This phase focuses on refining and iterating the design, running a usability test with the target audience, making changes to the product and testing again if necessary.

Click Tests Five Second Tests Usability Tests A/B Tests


Create the visual design for the product. Focus on visual hierarchy, balance, and consistency. Move forward with content production (e.g., copy, images, videos). Test the finished visual designs.

Once the outline of the product is ready, we can add the visuals at this point. This is when the product starts to shine – images, typography, colors, refined layout. We have to design what kind of feelings and emotions we want to communicate to the users. At this phase, we create visual designs and digital prototypes which will represent the ‘final’ appearance of the product.

Look and Feel Designs Detailed Visual Design Design Prototypes


Hand-off the designs for developers and build the product. Measure the results, collect feedback and start over iterating.

When you have validated the visual designs the next step is the development. This is when developers start working with the designs and the product starts taking shape into a coded usable product.

Hand Off Designs Build Mobile or Desktop App Measure

Launch & Promote

Get the word out and let the whole world know that you exist.

Create content of value for your clients and educate them about your products and services. Connect with the fans of your brand and let them know you’re listening to their comments and feedback on how to improve the experience of your brand.

Marketing Strategy Content Marketing Press Kits Social Media Management Paid Advertising

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